About Us

Minami Kennels is a family owned Japanese Akita kennel located just southwest of Houston, TX. We currently have 2 furbabies in our household, a female Japanes Akita named Hana and a male Shiba Inu named Ryuu. We have owned dogs of various breeds throughout the last 30 years, but have fallen in love with Japanese Akitas as a breed. We love all of our dogs for their unique personalities, but we were astounded by the intelligence, loyalty, bravery and majesty that can be seen across the board in Japanese Akitas. In contrast to the stereotype of the angry and aggressive guard dog, Hana has shown herself to be gentle, friendly, and patient.  


As breeders our goal is to help preserve the Japanese Akita breed. In line with this goal, our topmost priority is the health and welfare of our dogs. Our dogs receive periodical health checks, eyes and ears screenings and up-to-date shots. They are raised alongside our family so that they can more easily adjust to living in a family environment. We interview the prospective parents of our puppies to ensure that our puppies go to families who are either experienced with dogs or families that have researched the necessities of dog care and the distinct qualities of this particular breed. This is to reduce the chance that one of our pups will need to be re-homed. We provide ourselves as part of their support network and keep in touch with all our puppy parents on a continuing basis. 


About Hana:

Hana was born in 2010. She came to us from Japan. Her favorite thing as a puppy was water. She loved it so much that she would sometimes sleep with her face in the water bowl. As an adult her favorite thing is human food. Her super power is her ninja like abilities to make meat disappear. She is also pretty good a cleaning up leftovers from toddlers.